Re: [Evolution] Evolution 2.28.0 namespace

On Sat, 2010-03-06 at 10:52 +0100, Martin Jungowski wrote:
Hi everybody,

I'm evaluating Evolution to switch our company over from Thunderbird and
have run into a weird namespace issue. I have two mailservers
configured, a Kerio Connect 7 Groupware-Server and a Cyrus IMAP server.
The folder list for these two looks as follows:

[-] db
[-] Drafts
[+] Mailing Lists
  [-] bugzilla
  [-] evolution
  [-] gnome
  [-] sabayon
[-] server
[-] Sent
... etc.

  [-] Drafts
  [+] Private
    [-] eBay
    [-] NNBF
  [-] Sent
  [+] Work
    [-] Planet 3DNow!
    [-] PCGH
... etc.

I want the Kerio list because that what it's always been like in
Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. Only Evolution doesn't
seem to be able to do this. If I activate "override server namespace"
and set it to "INBOX." the way it's set in Thunderbird all folders

Thus, my question is quite simple: how do I get Evolution to display my
folders not as subfolders of INBOX but as folders alongside INBOX?

This is not a problem with Evo but with the way Cyrus works by default.
You need to configure it to use the "anonymous root" folder layout
instead of the default "INBOX root" which is uses out of the box. I
forget the name of the config variable but it's a simple change. Note
that it's system-wide, not per-user.


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