[Evolution] Google calendar: No such calendar


I've recently started using Google Calendar from Evo.(Since Insight didn't workout ;)) It seems to work well except for one thing: when I receive a Meeting Request from an Outlook user I must always choose my action twice albeit Accept, Tentative...etc. I click once and get "Unable to send item to calendar 'Shared'.  No such calendar" then again and get: Sent to calendar 'Shared' as accepted. I thought at first it was one of those issue whereas the software needed to first establish a connection before it could 'submit' over that socket. Well, it's not so. If I get 5 invites and I tend to them one after the other I still have them same issue.

Evo 2.28.2
Linux Deb. 5.0.3 (Squeeze/Sid) on 2.6-32-trunk-686 stock.
I'm just going by memory here, but I think I've only had Outlook 2003 users send me events since I started this about a week or so ago.

Oh and if it helps, adding an event from scratch on either my laptop via Evo or from Google works perfectly.


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