Re: [Evolution] missed messages

On Tue, 2010-03-02 at 06:33 -0500, Jesse Lazar wrote:
Can I fool Evo and make it believe an old message is new? I think that
Evo updated its UID database and marked these messages as seen (or
however the mechanism works) before delivering my messages.

No idea. Once again, my knowledge of POP is limited as I try to use IMAP
wherever possible. I can't think of any reason for using POP on a modern
system as long as your server supports IMAP, which Gmail does.

All I can suggest is that you simplify as much as possible, e.g. by
eliminating all filters in both Evo and Gmail (including the "automatic
archive" feature of Gmail) and then progressively add them back, testing
the effect with each change.


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