Re: [Evolution] Thoughts on one process-per window + state recovery on crash?

1) State recovery: Would it make sense to have Evo restore all open
windows on reopening after a crash,

That's actually near the top of my to-do list.
This would also let you shut down your computer with Evolution still
running, and Evolution would appear as you left it when you log back

Yay, that sounds fantastic! I've logged , which hopefully
covers essentially what you're describing above.

2) Crash impact reduction via process isolation:
The strange thing is that one of the major improvements to Evo when
going from 1.x to 2.x (I think) was getting rid of the individual
processes for each component and amalgamating them into one threaded
executable. :-)
The problem really comes down to how the individual processes and
windows interact and synchronise - as far as I can see with something
like a browser the individual windows/tabs etc are essentially
autonomous and independent, whereas with a groupware application there
is considerably more interaction between the components.

... and ...

Evolution actually did work much like that in the early, early days.
Implementing a large, complex, tightly-integrated, multi-purpose
application is enough of a PITA when everything is in one process.
Trying to implement that kind of tight integration via inter-process
communication is just unwieldy.  I believe that's what was found the
first time around, and I'm not all that anxious to return to that

That all makes good sense - i.e. that there's more interaction between
the different components than in most apps, such that the added weight
of separation + adding all the needed communication methods exceeds the
benefit of that separation. Discard that idea then!

-- All the best,

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