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Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

The Gnome lists are managed by Mailman, not listserv.


Help me out here, Patrick - isn't Mailman just a name for one
of several different listservs? Albeit arguably the most popular....

listserv is a specific mailing list software platform. It should not be
used as a general-purpose noun for any kind of list manager (it would be
like saying Windows when you mean Operating System). See


Brewster Gillett wrote:

Roity-hayoe - according to your wiki reference,

"LISTSERV is a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark
Office [5] and the Swedish Patent and Registration Office, PRV.[6] As
such, using the word "listserv" to describe a different product or as a
generic term for any email-based mailing list of that kind is a
trademark misuse. The standard generic terms are electronic mailing
list, elist, or email list for the list itself, and email list manager
or email list software for the software product that manages the

Just three words as comment - "Kleenex", "Xerox" and "Frigidaire"....
... and I for one would never take "Windows" to mean "Operating System"
- I abandoned their O/S line back when W95 was released :-)


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