[Evolution] Evo or mail server?

Hi All,

For the umpteenth time I lost my mail filters and the subscription status to most of my mail folders. This time thanks to Thomas Mittelstaedt who responded to my post on "Msg Filters Loosing Destination Folder" I was able to recover my filters. However, ever since this happened the night before last, I've been experiencing strange behaviour.

Often when I get back to my system after a few hours(no hibernation or suspend) Evo had seemingly downloaded new mail but was unable to refresh the message list resulting in a new count in the folder list but no mail being displayed.

I won't harp on the msg filters because I've already posted about this.

But the whole issue of not seeing folders in the folder list is truly annoying. I've been fixing this by going to the folder subscription tool and unchecking each folder I could no longer see and checking it again. Then Evo downloads all the headers which takes quite a bit of time. Now I might be loosing these folders because of server-side issues. Either way I don't now.

I'm on Evo and use 1 IMAP account and have chosen to download entire messages as a backup method since my mail is hosted.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


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