[Evolution] Thoughts on one process-per window + state recovery on crash?

In browsers like Chrome, the application has different processes for
each tab. The result (in theory) is that one misbehaving tab cannot
crash the whole browser.

Slightly left-of-field question: In the long-long-long-term, would it
make sense for Evolution to use this model too, with one process for
each window? The reason I ask is that several times a week, Evolution
will crash on me. Whilst crashing is never preferred behaviour, it's not
the crashing per-se that I dislike, it's the losing the application
state (e.g. I tend to have 5 to 10 email windows open, some of which I
need to read, some of which I need to respond to, some of which I am
drafting, as well as several meeting items which I need to do something
about). It's this state being lost that I dislike most, since it's like
making a to-do list, and then having someone throw it away before you've
had a chance to do the things on the list, and being left with an uneasy
feeling that there's something you should be doing, if only you could
remember what it was.

Currently Evo will recover/reopen any draft email windows after a crash
(which is part of the app state, and a great start), but not the open
read-emails / open + unsaved calendar windows / open + unsaved task
windows / open + unsaved memo windows, which are the other parts of the
app's state.

So I guess I really have two questions:
1) State recovery: Would it make sense to have Evo restore all open
windows on reopening after a crash, in the same way that (say) Firefox
restores all open tabs?
2) Crash impact reduction via process isolation: Would it make sense to
have a separate process for each window, such that a crash inside one
window takes down just that one window, whilst leaving the rest of the
app intact?

I fully realise that these are both very-very long term things, probably
requiring years of deep architectural changes, but wanted to ask in
order to determine if my ideal Evo behaviour matches other people's. If
so, I'll log these are long-term enhancement requests in BZ. Couldn't
see anything in there currently that covers the above, apart from this,
which is a subset of what's being described in the state recovery
section: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=548332 "Unsaved
tasks are lost when/if Evolution crashes".

-- All the best,

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