Re: [Evolution] Evolution-Mail handicaps !

On Tue, 2010-06-22 at 01:45 +0200, bogomiel freenet de wrote:
Dear Developers,

This is not a developers list, it's a users list.

too many not understandable Password-Windows appear, prevent and
defeat the use under UBUNTU-OS v.9.04.
What is all this about ?
e.g.:  Keyring-Password ? ; SMTP-Password ? ; Key-Password ? ;
Authentifikation-Password ?
Why not let the USER deside wether to use a Password or not.

Do you think Evolution is responsible for you having to choose all these
passwords? How about Ubuntu itself? Or your mail server? I only see a
single password box and if I used Gnome rather than KDE I wouldn't even
see that.


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