Re: [Evolution] Msg Selection/date ordering

On Wed, 2010-06-16 at 07:32 -0700, Brewster Gillett wrote:
I sort by date, oldest first. So my unreads generally appear at the
bottom, unless they're a spam dated 1969 which somehow slipped through
the filters :-)

Sort by Received Date and you take care of that. The sender's date is
often pure fantasy.

But here's an Evo artifact I have never understood - 
sometimes, not consistently, when I click on an unread to highlight
that line, the entire body of messages will shift around, usually
pushing the bottom ones off the screen. There does not appear to be
any logical purpose for this motion, and worst, it doesn't always take
place. Has anyone else encountered this phenomenon?

Not sure what you mean here. When you say the messages shift around, do
you mean the sort order changes? Also, do you have threading enabled?
Threading modifies the strict date order.

The other one that is a bit disconcerting is that there seems to be a
bug in Evo's reporting on the left-hand pane where the folders list
appears, of how many unreads are in a given folder. I can be staring
right at a main screen that shows all eight messages in a folder, with
every single one of the eight displaying as "read", yet the left-hand
list pane entry shows that folder as having one (or sometimes two) 
unread messages. Has anyone else noticed that one?

Yes, it's a known bug and is quite annoying. If you're talking about
IMAP folders you can sometimes fix it by unsubscribing from the folder
and resubscribing it. This forces Evo to update everything. I can't
recall seeing the bug on non-IMAP folders.


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