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On Wed, 2010-06-16 at 13:10 +0530, chen wrote:

Is that configurable in any way? I like my newest mail to be at the end
(bottom) of a list. The "jump to first in list" is mildly annoying in
such circumstances, especially in folders with a lot of mail. Now I
know /why/ this is happening I can try to work around it; hadn't
realised that that was what was causing it.
Its not configurable.

- Chenthill.


This is interesting, and raises an additional question or two.
I always get my newest at the bottom, and here's how.......

I have over twenty different folders, for things like interest areas,
personal business categories, or e-group memberships, like this group.
I tend to leave a lot of messages in the folders, because I will
eventually perform differing operations on various ones, depending upon
the subject, and I don't always have time to do those things right away.
So where new (unread) messages show up is decidedly an issue.

I sort by date, oldest first. So my unreads generally appear at the
bottom, unless they're a spam dated 1969 which somehow slipped through
the filters :-) But here's an Evo artifact I have never understood - 
sometimes, not consistently, when I click on an unread to highlight that
line, the entire body of messages will shift around, usually pushing the
bottom ones off the screen. There does not appear to be any logical
purpose for this motion, and worst, it doesn't always take place.
Has anyone else encountered this phenomenon?

The other one that is a bit disconcerting is that there seems to be a
bug in Evo's reporting on the left-hand pane where the folders list
appears, of how many unreads are in a given folder. I can be staring
right at a main screen that shows all eight messages in a folder, with
every single one of the eight displaying as "read", yet the left-hand
list pane entry shows that folder as having one (or sometimes two) 
unread messages. Has anyone else noticed that one?



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