[Evolution] "Sending ..." takes minutes writing to Exchange IMAP "Sent Items"

Hi all.  I'm trying to get Evo 2.30.2 (latest gnome-2.30 git branch
code) working with DavMail to my Exchange 2003 server.  I'm making
progress but these are two major issues I'm having.  The first one
is that whenever I send email, it takes a couple of minutes to "go

I have tried sending it both directly to the Exchange server (via SMTP)
and also going through DavMail's SMTP port: both behave the same.

When I click the "Send" icon, the mail composer window goes away and I
see the message show up in my local Outbox folder.  I see a spinner in
the message area at the bottom and it says "Sending message (100%
complete)", right away... then it just sits there for at least two
minutes (not kidding).  In the meantime operations will "back up behind
it" so they don't complete either.  I can click around to other folders,
etc. but any operation that tries to contact a mail server hangs.

After the minutes have passed, Evo seems to "wake up": the mail arrives
OK at its destination, it disappears from my outbox, etc.

I have discovered what the problem is: I had the IMAP account set up to
write sent mail to the IMAP "Sent Items" folder.  If I change this to
write to the local "Sent" folder, mail is sent immediately with no
problem.  So, it's something about writing email to that folder that's
causing the delay.

It's true that this folder is very large because I've had the account
for a number of years and I send a lot of email, and I never bother to
clean it out.  But, why should it take sooooo long to add a new message
to it?

Also, when I try to open that folder it opens and I see the mail I've
sent over the years.  But then I get an error in the message area, and
when I click on it to open it I see this:

Error in SQL EXEC statement: INSERT INTO 'Sent Items' SELECT uid ,
flags , msg_type , read , deleted , replied , important , junk ,
attachment , dirty , size , dsent , dreceived , subject , mail_from ,
mail_to , mail_cc , mlist , followup_flag , followup_completed_on ,
followup_due_by , part , labels , usertags , cinfo , bdata, created,
modified FROM 'mem.Sent Items' [no such table: mem.Sent Items].
CamelException.set(0x7ffa40af4aa0, 2, 'no such table: mem.Sent Items')

Does anyone have any thoughts about why this is happening?  Is it a bug?
can it be fixed?

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