Re: [Evolution] Trying to create Evolution-Exchange Account...

On Tue, 2010-06-01 at 10:49 -0400, Art Alexion wrote:
DavMail works well with 2007 & evolution if you don't want to use
lookout.  Lookout 2007 is admittedly bloated, but seems to have a
superior interface to any prior version.  I run it for group
calendaring under VirtualBox.

I tried DavMail last fall for about 30m and couldn't get it working
right so I gave up--too quickly I admit.  Maybe I'll give it another go.

FWIW, I still use lookOut! 2003, not 2007, because running 2007 under
Crossover somehow "takes over" the window decorations as Windows-style
decorations, rather than using my WM decorations, which is a major drag
because it doesn't support things like mouse-2-to-send-to-back and other
common mouse clicks.  Plus, every 20m or so the thing wakes up and sucks
down 100% of my CPU doing who-knows-what for a few minutes, which pisses
me off :-).  So, I stick with lookOut! 2003 and live with its quirks.

Still wishing someone would really concentrate on getting the
evolution-mapi backend working in a solid, reliable way...

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