Re: [Evolution] How to migrate to latest evo release

I know nothing about Ubuntu, but Evo follows Gnome releases, so Evo
2.30 is part of Gnome 2.30.  Ubuntu 10.04 comes with Gnome 2.28, so
trying to persuade Evo 2.30 to work with Gnome 2.28 is always going to
have problems.  The best thing is to wait for Ubuntu 10.10 or change
distro to one that does have Gnome 2.30, such as Fedora13.

Ubuntu 10.04 comes with Gnome 2.30, but they held back Evo to 2.28.3,
because (I think) they were worried about the updates made for 2.30.
(Some discussion of this here: ). Personally, I wish
they had shipped with Evo 2.30, but ultimately it's the distro's

-- All the best,

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