Re: [Evolution] How to migrate to latest evo release

I am running on ubuntu10.04 & defaul ubuntu will install 2.28.3 evo.
I used the Jacob ppa package to upgrade to Evo 2.30.2, but after complete installation evo doesn't work.

i will see only grey screen.

How to get latest version of evo on ubuntu 10.04 ??

I know nothing about Ubuntu, but Evo follows Gnome releases, so Evo 2.30
is part of Gnome 2.30.  Ubuntu 10.04 comes with Gnome 2.28, so trying to
persuade Evo 2.30 to work with Gnome 2.28 is always going to have
problems.  The best thing is to wait for Ubuntu 10.10 or change distro
to one that does have Gnome 2.30, such as Fedora13.


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