[Evolution] Missing Items

Guys, could you just help telling me if I am searching for something
that doesn't exist anymore?? Running Ubuntu 10.04 and I used the Jacob
ppa package to upgrade to Evo 2.30.2.

Since then I have lost two things. In the Calendar view, the small
calendar that was in the left hand column has gone and nothing I do
brings it back. Also I now no longer get the pop up announcements of
events on the screen. Both of these facilities are an enormous help for
my failing memory!! Now an event goes by and I miss it with no pop up
reminding me!!

If I do a back up via the menu, take the data to another machine and do
a restore to any Evo version, it all works fine along with all my
reminders etc, so the actual data seems OK??

Could I be missing a plugin or library or something?? Any help


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