Re: [Evolution] Documentation on SQL storage/import/convertion tools?

I wrote : 
And I could access my messages.

Well  ... almost.

  There are a few folders (I identifiesd 3 up to now) for which the
index rebuild doesn't seem to happen.

  I started Evo from command line, to see if I would get some message,
but I didn't get any.

  For example, here is the listing on one of the folders (files ending
with .index and .ev-summary have formerly been erased) :

-rw-r--r-- 1 piguet tramm 5749825 2010-02-15 12:04
-rw-r--r-- 1 piguet tramm     208 2010-07-20 12:23
-rw------- 1 piguet tramm   23317 2010-02-15 12:04
-rw------- 1 piguet tramm       8 2009-06-08 09:08

   Is there an easy way to get a log file of the index creation ?


Bruno PIGUET <bruno piguet meteo fr>

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