Re: [Evolution] Hidden emails when searching in the whole account

Am Samstag, den 17.07.2010, 23:40 -0430 schrieb Patrick O'Callaghan:
On Sat, 2010-07-17 at 18:40 -0600, Simon Siemens wrote:
yes, it says "All Messages". Nonetheless, it always lists only the
messages from the inbox. 

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Sorry, I didn't see hints on that in the welcome message of the list.

Note that "All messages" applied to the current folder means "all the
messages in this folder". It doesn't mean "all the messages in this
folder and any sub-folders".

However, if the search is applied to "Current Account" you should see
all the matches. I just tried it on one of my IMAP accounts and that's
what it did. The only difference I can see is that my accounts are not
Inbox-rooted, i.e. my folder structure doesn't descend from Inbox but is
parallel to it. I don't see why that should matter though.

Yes, I know this. As I mentioned in another email, there was an
inconsistency between the number (11) reported in the window title and
the number (1) of emails shown. Now, both are consistent and seem to be
right. Evolution shows 3 emails and reports the same number in the
window title. Note also that the mailbox content and the search term did
not change. So there must have been something wrong in the data
structures of Evolution. But it is OK now. I additionally verified that
with other search terms, which did not work correctly before.

So, the only thing that remains for me is: How can I make Evolution
reorganise its data when I find a similar behaviour in the future?
Looking through the menus, I did not find something like that. So I
suppose my previous way -- creating a new account for the same mailbox
-- is the best to go.

Thanks Patrick for being so responsive.


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