Re: [Evolution] Cannot Create New or Delete Existing Categories

On 7/16/10, Sylvia SÃnchez <lailahfsf gmail com> wrote:

El vie, 16-07-2010 a las 09:15 +0200, Jo-Erlend Schinstad escribiÃ:

I remember that bug from earlier. It's not reproducible in 2.28.3, so
it's probably probably crept back in for 2.30. I don't have it
installed, so I can't test it. The categories used to be
removed/refreshed whenever you restartet Evolution. Is it still that
way? And are you talking about notes, tasks, calendars or all of them?

After restarted Evolution is still the situation.  And is for all items,
notes, tasks, etc.

Same here. Do you recall if there was a workaround? E.g., if there is
a list of categories in /usr/share/ or something that evolution is
drawing upon to recreate the lists?

I'll file a bug report tonight when I get home on the evolution
bugzilla, then one on Debian bugzilla linking to upstream. Do you
remember roughly when the bug was? It would be helpful if I could link
to it.


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