Re: [Evolution] Cannot Create New or Delete Existing Categories

It happens to me too.  I think is a bug.  Actually, the category is created but not showed.  Try to create another category with the same name and the program will "It's already created".  If you type in the box above, your created categories appear.  Also appears in calendar view.

If nobody knows how to fix I'll file bug.


El jue, 15-07-2010 a las 12:27 -0500, Arthur Machlas escribió:

Using Evolution 2.30.2 on Debian Squeeze I attempt to create a new
category, assign an icon and create, however, the new category is not

Similarly, when I delete the default categories I do not want, e.g,.
VIP, say ok then close. When I next reopen the categories all those I
deleted have been recreated.

I have checked the permissions on my /home/arthur/.evolution folder,
and I am the owner of all files and subdirectories.

Please advise, many thanks!
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