Re: [Evolution] Web mail addresses and calendar

On Tue, 2010-07-13 at 22:16 -0400, jheaton5 linuxmail org wrote:
I subscribe to a webmail pop/smtp service.  I use evolution on four
separate computers, all with evolution with the account set to the
webmail service.  The web service also has an address book and
calendar features.  Can evolution connect to these features so I can
have address and calendar service to all my computers without having
to manually update each address book and calendar? 

it depends on your service (server), whether it offers some way to get
to calendar and address book. Evolution can use, for example, CalDAV for
calendar, and WebDAV or LDAP for address book. As long as your service
supports these methods and allows you to connect to them from outside,
then you should be able to use them in Evolution.

You can get list of supported methods in Evolution by File->New->Address
Book/Calendar, only note than some of them are always read-only.

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