Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

On Tue, 2010-07-13 at 15:17 +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
There is no "Reply To List Only". There's Reply To List, and that's
they'll get with Ctrl-R. How would a "Reply To List Only" be

Um, sorry if I'm being dim... but "that's what they'll get with
seems different to what you said you were advocating, which was:

- Reply To Author to reply to you alone.
- Reply To All to CC the author and reply to the list (the reverse
     the current situation).
- Ctrl-L to disappear, and Ctrl-R to change to reflect that it's
     To List.

It seems to me that you're actually suggesting:
  - Reply to Author (i.e. Ctrl-R) to reply to the list, not be

No no no. Reply To Author is a reply to the author (sender) of the
message, i.e. what you get currently with Ctrl-R, and what you'll still
get with Ctrl-R when it's not a list message. This is very explicit in
the original proposal. Sorry if it isn't clear.

  - Reply to All to do the same as now but with cosmetic differences.

If you really want to mollycoddle the idiots who can't manage to press
the right button, how about a pop-up which says:


        You are replying personally to the author of a message which
        you received via a mailing list. Did you really mean to reply
        privately, or did you mean use the "Reply to All" action?

Or the Reply To List action.

           [x] Never ask me this stupid question again.

           [ Reply privately ]     [ Reply to All ]


Maybe. I have no opinion on this.

We could also change the "Reply" button and menu item to say "Private
Reply" when it's a list message.

I guess. Doesn't do anything for those who use Ctrl-R of course.


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