Re: [Evolution] Compositing Pet Peeve

On Sun, 2010-07-04 at 11:07 +0800, William Kenworthy wrote:
So live and let live.  If a thread starts with top posting continue
that way, if its bottom posting, continue that way, if you see a need
to interleave, put something like "Replies inline ...".

How does a thread "start with top-posting"? Threads start with a
message, which people reply to. It's the reply that's top or bottom
posted, not the message. Often several people reply in parallel,
creating a multi-branched tree. By your reasoning, some of these will be
top-posted and some not, and apparently this is OK. I fail to see the
logic of this. It makes more sense to keep to a common set of
guidelines. If the guidelines say that top-posting is OK, then it's OK.
If they say it's not, it's not. When no formal guidelines exist (such as
on this list) it all gets messy, but note that no-one is enforcing rules
here, they're just arguing positions.

Sorry if I sound offensive, but some peoples intolerance and bigotry
about such a simple thing as top/bottom posting gets me worked up -
not the top/bottom posting itself!

Just because you don't care about such things it doesn't mean that
others are intolerant or bigoted because they do care about them. You
need to be more tolerant yourself about people's views on this.


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