Re: [Evolution] Strange behaviour of Ctrl-V

On Fri, 2010-07-02 at 22:09 +0200, KÃre Fiedler Christiansen wrote:
The bug in chromium is, that it identifies a copied URL as if it was a
file copied from a file manager.

That may be so, but the fact remains that IMHO the Evo behaviour is
suboptimal. I'm happy to entertain arguments to the contrary as long as
they aren't variations on "that's the way Outlook does it".

I wouldn't know how Outlook does it. I haven't actually seen anyone
refer to "how Outlook does it", either directly or indirectly.

Someone in the thread did make a reference to Outlook's behaviour as the
expected one (or perhaps it was on the long BZ exchange, I forget). Not
you of course.

Is this somehow an argument that says that anyone who expects
something of an application that happens be the same way it works in
Microsoft products, is by definition wrong? I strongly disagree.
Having a certain behavior in Microsoft products does not make it the
right way to do things, but it certainly doesn't by definition make it
the wrong way to do things either.

Certainly not what I said or implied, just to be clear. However the
"Microsoft Way" is viewed by many people as the "Right Way" simply by
default and without rational argument. That's what I want to resist.


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