[Evolution] Reminders not working on patched 2.30

Hello, all.  I am running Evolution 2.30.2-1 from Debian Squeeze on
Lenny.  I have patched and rebuilt it to provide interoperability with
Zimbra.  Most things are working well but my reminders are not popping

To my surprise, when I do a ps -e | grep evolution, I only see one
process; I do not see the data server. I also do not see
evolution-data-server under /usr/lib/evolution.  Is this something new
with 2.30 or have I mangled something in the data server rebuild and
installation? Strangely, my WebDAV and CalDAV resources are working just
fine which I assume is a function of the data server.

I have double checked and the appointments have alarms and the correct
calendars are checked in Preferences to display alarms.  I was hoping to
start the data server from the command line to check stdout and stderr
and that's when I found I could not find evolution-data-server.  What
should I check next? Thanks - John

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