Re: [Evolution] Script to search mails

On Sat, 2010-08-14 at 16:32 +0200, Chris Blake wrote:
Greetings community,

I have a specific folder in my Inbox which I need to search for emails
and manipulate the results.

I need to do this on the command line, something like :

SELEECT * from the Inbox/Folder_To_Search
WHERE Subject CONTAINS 'keyphrase'
AND date received is less than 01 August 2010

I want to have the full subject line of that email piped into a text
file so I can manipulate it with other bash commands.

Can someone help me, or point me to a tutorial on how I can script
with the Evolution folders, if possible.

So far Google search has given me no results I can work with, still

Thanks for your replies... 

It's easiest if you don't do this kind of thing with Evolution -- do it
directly on the IMAP server instead.

Here's a quick hack based on my quarterly archive script...


Description: application/shellscript

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