Re: [Evolution] comparison to Thunderbird

On Sat, 2010-04-24 at 09:54 +0100, Write Me wrote:
Dear All
I am a frustrated Thunderbird (Kubuntu) user who cannot get full access 
to the printing options. I have tried a fix that was assertive and had 
success for others but did not work for me.  I have been trying for over 
a year.
I have used other distros and always had the same problem.  Firefox 
gives me full access to all the printing options and always has.

"Distro hopping" is a complete waste of time; it is the same

So now I have had enough and wish to move away from Thunderbird.  

As should everyone.

looked at KMail and Evolution.  Both give me full access to the printing 
options, and Evolution is the better inteface. 


 But alas, alack I cannot 
see how to make separate inboxes etc for each account.  I have five 
e-mail accounts and wish that they retain their separate inbox, drafts, 
Trash etc.

I assume you mean POP accounts?  If you are using IMAP you get separate
INBOXs.  With POP you don't really have "mailboxes" related the account
- all POP does is download mail to a local mailbox, hence only one (The
local INBOX, I assume).  But I have to admit I haven't used POP for
anything in a decade.  If your providers support IMAP you should switch.

It is the transition to Linux that is held up by these anomalies. 
Imagine in this sophisticated  Linux era not being able to chose which 
quality of print you wish to do.  Silly really.

I'm not sure what you mean.  But I take this as a criticism of
Thunderbird - and in my book all criticisms of Thunderbird (aka
Thunderous turd) are automatically valid - so OK.

Any help aor advise appreciated

I think the easy solution would be to create a folder for each account
and define a filter rule to route messages to that folder.  Honestly,
this is a feature not a bug (IMHO).

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