[Evolution] Weird "message box" in Yahoo! messages


Messages I receive from a Yahoo! account that's sending them as HTML
messages are always wrapped in some weird message box that's preventing
me from doing inline posting. I've configured Evolution to format
messages as "Plain text" (see link[1]); formatting it as HTML is even
worse (see link[2]). Please note that this doesn't happen on other HTML
messages (from GMail, for example) or Yahoo! plain text messages.

The only workaround I've found is to copy&paste the message into an
editor, then copy it back and manually insert quotation marks (>).

Is there a "proper" way to do this? Can Evolution be configured to
render these messages so that it would be easy to do inline posting
without the copy&paste overhead?


[1] http://shareimage.ro/images/pls6jphoyr7j9581oh9b.png
[2] http://shareimage.ro/images/wx6esmej4lxvpzmx6og.png

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