Re: [Evolution] SMTP and VFOLDERS (Two Separate Issues)

On Thu, 2009-09-10 at 15:08 +0100, Steve T wrote:
Yep - these are the duplicates that I mentioned yesterday (I had two
problems SMTP issue and VFolders - the SMTP issue came first so I
tried to raiose that and the mails didn't go, then later after closing
Evo and restarting it I got the duplicated VFolders - all in all a bad
day). They just seem to have been delayed - I tried a few different
email accounts as I first thought it was down to the SMTP connection I
was using. Apologies for the hassle.

But the two emails are not a duplicates of each other. The content is
substantially the same, but it's not the same message and hence cannot
have been re-delivered through some mailsystem error.

Never mind.


PS BTW, please don't top-post on this list. It annoys a lot of people
and makes threads harder to read.

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