[Evolution] SMTP and VFOLDERS (Two Separate Issues)

EVOLUTION 2.8.3 under FC6

I have been using Evolution for a few years with only a few minor problems. Today a couple of 'major' problems appear to have hit at the same time.

The first problem is that my SMTP connection for sending Emails has stopped working. The messages go to the Outbox ok, and the 'sending' message shows 1 of ... 2 of ... - but the progress bar shows nothing and nothing appears to get sent. Evetually an DATA timeout message appears saying that the message(s) cannot be sent.

Secondly, all the VFOLDERS that I have have suddenly been duplicated on the screen. The content of each 'duplicate' appears to be the same (so it looks like just a display problem) - however, newly received mails only show on one of the two folder headers. IE if I get 5 evolution messages (into my Evolution vfolder) then only one of the two Evolution vfiolders will read Evolution (5) in bold. I have tried a couple of things after googling this, but to not avail. I have tried:
1) Deleting the vfolders and views folders (after stopping evolution) - but the dupliactes still appear on restart.
2) removing the index and summary files - again the duplicates still appear.
3) I even tried moving .evolution out of the way and staring evoultion - then stopping evolution again and copying back the Inbox, Sent ...and vfolders.xml files - but the duplicates reappeared (and in this case evolution crashed - so I reverted back to the original .evolution structure).

Has anybody any ideas on either issue? Obviously the SMTP problem is the major panic, as I can't use the client for sending mails (like this!).

PS Am I right in thinking that eve if I have 20 email account sin Evolution, the 'sending' always uses the SMTP connection of the default account?

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