Re: [Evolution] Duplicated Evolution Folders

Thanks for the speedy reply. I didn't realise that you could even edit the search folders like that (I simply used to right click the folder and edit that way) - but that appears to make no difference. One of the folders disappears for a second and then pops up again. The vfolders xml only seems to contain single entry for each folder any way. So odd - as it turns out that not all the folders are duplicated - probably about 99%.

As for the SMTP - I can set up separate SMTP settings for each account in this version, but the dialog that pops up when you send/receive shows each pop account and only one smtp and that invariably appears to be the default account's.

I'll try grepping the evolution folders for the search folder names to see if there's a file I've missed that may contain a repeated set of the settings.

On Wed, 2009-09-09 at 10:18 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Wed, 2009-09-09 at 15:24 +0100, Steve T wrote:
> EVOLUTION 2.8.3 under FC6
> I have been using Evolution for a few years with only a few minor
> problems - now I have an issue that I can't resolve.
> All the VFOLDERS that I have have suddenly been duplicated on the
> screen. The content of each 'duplicate' appears to be the same (so it
> looks like just a display problem) - however, newly received mails
> only show on one of the two folder headers. IE if I get 5 evolution
> messages (into my Evolution vfolder) then only one of the two
> Evolution vfolders will read Evolution (5) in bold. I have tried a
> couple of things after googling this, but to not avail. I have tried:
> 1) Deleting the vfolders and views folders (after stopping evolution)
> - but the dupliactes still appear on restart.
> 2) removing the index and summary files - again the duplicates still
> appear.
> 3) I even tried moving .evolution out of the way and staring evoultion
> - then stopping evolution again and copying back the Inbox,
> Sent ...and vfolders.xml files - but the duplicates reappeared (and in
> this case evolution crashed - so I reverted back to the
> original .evolution structure).

I don't know that anyone will be able to help you with this. 2.8 is
several years out of date, as is FC6.

I presume you tried removing the duplicate vfolders from the
Edit->Search Folders dialogue. Failing that, you could stop Evo, delete
the XML file and restart, but of course you'd have to manually re-create
your vfolders.

Otherwise I don't know what to suggest except that you update your
system and Evo version to currently supported versions (F11 and 2.26.3

> PS As an aside, am I right in thinking that eve if I have 20 email
> accounts in Evolution, the 'sending' always uses the SMTP connection
> of the default account?

No, each account can have a different SMTP server. Of course I'm talking
about Evo 2.26. I've no memory of what 2.8 used to do.

> Please ***read*** this mail if it appears duplicated. I was also
> having some bad problems with sending mail yesterday that made it look
> like SMTP was failing - it turns out  that I may have had a dodgy adsl
> router (now replaced). So if you see combined message(s) relating to
> SMTP sending issues/duplicated folders - ignore them. Apologies. 

It doesn't appear to be duplicated, at least not yet.


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