[Evolution] Duplicated Evolution Folders

EVOLUTION 2.8.3 under FC6

I have been using Evolution for a few years with only a few minor problems - now I have an issue that I can't resolve.

All the VFOLDERS that I have have suddenly been duplicated on the screen. The content of each 'duplicate' appears to be the same (so it looks like just a display problem) - however, newly received mails only show on one of the two folder headers. IE if I get 5 evolution messages (into my Evolution vfolder) then only one of the two Evolution vfolders will read Evolution (5) in bold. I have tried a couple of things after googling this, but to not avail. I have tried:
1) Deleting the vfolders and views folders (after stopping evolution) - but the dupliactes still appear on restart.
2) removing the index and summary files - again the duplicates still appear.
3) I even tried moving .evolution out of the way and staring evoultion - then stopping evolution again and copying back the Inbox, Sent ...and vfolders.xml files - but the duplicates reappeared (and in this case evolution crashed - so I reverted back to the original .evolution structure).

PS As an aside, am I right in thinking that eve if I have 20 email accounts in Evolution, the 'sending' always uses the SMTP connection of the default account?

Please ***read*** this mail if it appears duplicated. I was also having some bad problems with sending mail yesterday that made it look like SMTP was failing - it turns out  that I may have had a dodgy adsl router (now replaced). So if you see combined message(s) relating to SMTP sending issues/duplicated folders - ignore them. Apologies.

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