Re: [Evolution] Need to debug connecting to Exchange Global Address List via LDAP

On Thu, 2009-09-03 at 18:34 -0400, Paul Smith wrote:
What I did was create a new address book of type LDAP, use the same
server name I used in thunderbird along with the default port (again
same as thunderbird).  I set it to "No encryption", with a login method
of "Using email address" then entered my corporate email address.  On
the Details tab I used a search base of "DC=<company>,DC=com" which is
the same thing I used in thunderbird.

I left the rest as the default (search scope: One; no search filter).

try to use Search scope Sub, it works better with some servers.
Maybe choose the search base offered by the "Find possible search
bases". I think the string isn't case sensitive, but I'm not sure now.

With respect of LDAP debugging, there seem to be LDAP_DEBUG environment
variable check (its existence only), which should be used on the
evolution-data-server process. But ow much it prints, or how useful it
is, is just a question.

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