Re: [Evolution] suggestion for evolution

On Thu, 2009-09-03 at 14:13 +1000, Nick Jenkins wrote:
 It would be a lot better if instead of greying out the
 "send/receive" button if it switched to saying "work online"

 I spent time wondering if I had been hacked because of this!

Work offline should be transparent to the user.

Besides, there's already an indicator of 'work offline' (a
disconnected plug at the bottom-left). Its obvious what it means once
you think to look.

I'm kind of with the original poster. Surely "Send/receive" is
meaningless if you're offline? And over the past 12 months there have
been at least 3 mails to this list from people asking for help who had
not realised that they were offline. So from the "in the wild"
real-world results, we can conclude a) that it's not obvious to people,
and b) that they don't look down at the indicator. But what they are
doing is trying to click the "send/receive" button.

So to me, it makes sense to try doing something different with this
button in offline mode. Some possibilities for discussion:
* good: if the button's tooltip changed in offline mode to say "You
cannot send and receive because you are currently offline", that might
help people somewhat.
* better: toggle this button to mean "work online".
* best: toggle this button to mean "work online and then send/receive".
If the button is clicked and Evo can't go online for some reason, give
the user a popup dialog notifying them of this.

-- All the best,

see my previous post, i am always online except to send when
disconnected which I can click save draft.


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