Re: [Evolution] suggestion for evolution

On Thu, 2009-09-03 at 14:13 +1000, Nick Jenkins wrote:
Surely "Send/receive" is
meaningless if you're offline?

Receive doesn't make sense offline, but Send does, as the message can be
queued until Evo goes online. (Actually Receive could also make sense if
it's receiving from a local mail server on the same machine, probably
not a very common scenario). Perhaps when offline the Send/Receive
button should change to Queue, or Queue/Receive if there's a local

[Aside: Several people over the years have wanted Send/Receive to be a
bit more flexible, e.g. "Receive from this server", "Send but don't
receive" etc. The current operation is fine for people who never have to
deal with flaky servers or slow connections, but for the rest of us it's
a procrustean bed.]

And over the past 12 months there have
been at least 3 mails to this list from people asking for help who had
not realised that they were offline. So from the "in the wild"
real-world results, we can conclude a) that it's not obvious to
and b) that they don't look down at the indicator. But what they are
doing is trying to click the "send/receive" button.

This is true, but the proposal seems to be trying to addressing this.
We'll have to see it in action.


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