[Evolution] evolution plugins


i would like to develop a evolution plugin. The problem is, my C is not
the best and i was wondering, if there is a way to do it e.g. in

I actually wrote a fakeplugin once, where I just defined a shortcut in
GNOME to start a program, which writes a fake note into the evolution
file .evolution/memos/.../journal.ics. The problem is, that i mess up
the file, because it uses UID and stuff. 

The feature is very handy: Mark random text you find, hit a shortcut and
a window opens where you can add a subject and modify the text. Hit
enter and a new Note is created in evolution. So you do not need any
clicking with the mouse. 

It would be realy nice to have it in a "native" fashion. 

I am thankfull for every idea how to solve it. 

thanks jakob

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