Re: [Evolution] Email problem

On Tue, 2009-09-01 at 16:41 +0000, rkwebster comcast net wrote:
I use Evolution under Ubuntu 8.04. Yesterday I upgraded to Ubuntu
8.10. Since then Evolution has not displayed any new email. It says it
receives new email, but does not display it. I have successfully sent
email, but it does not show up in the sent items folder. I checked via
webmail. I renamed the .evolution folder and created a new one. Setup
the email account and was able to recieve email. The sent items folder
displays emails that I have sent. So how do I get the mail from the
old evolution folder into the new one?

1) Stop Evo completely ("evolution --force-shutdown").

2) Move the mail from the old .evolution to the new one. How you do this
depends on the state of the new .evolution. If it has already received
new mail (and copies of Sent mail) which you don't want to lose, you may
want to concatenate the old and new files (by default they are in mbox
format and hence can be joined together). Otherwise just move them.

3) Delete the .index and .cmeta files.

4) Restart Evo.

Note that step 2 would not be necessary if you hadn't already used the
new .evolution setup. In fact you might want to back it up a second time
(without overwriting the first backup of course) before trying this.
Remember to always halt Evo completely before doing anything like this.


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