Re: [Evolution] Why I must stop using Evolution

On Tue, 2009-10-27 at 15:15 +0000, Harald Beck wrote:
(I also don't see why the operating system should have to do so much
with editing an appointment in Evo.)

Distro. Not operating system. Distros like Ubuntu basically select a
certain version of software and stick to it no matter what. Of course,
they don't do this randomly, but the hassle involved in changing this
version for something as integral to Gnome as Evolution means that if
you're using an old (or even current) Ubuntu version you're almost
certain to be running old Evo.

Add to that the fact that some distros (including Ubuntu) like to add
their own patches for perceived problems in the software and you begin
to see why the distro does make a big difference. Something simple like
misconfiguration (ex. Pulseaudio in 8.04) or the patches introducing

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