[Evolution] Default From address stopped working

I recently upgraded from OpenSUSE 11.1 to OpenSUSE 11.2 with the
accompanying upgrade to Evolution 2.28.0.

I (like a lot of people) have several email addresses. All of them are
set to forward to one central (GMail) account so that all mail comes
into once place.

When I reply, I want my name, email and signature to match whatever
address the mail was sent to.

In previous versions of Evolution, if you replied to an email where the
"TO" address matches one of your mail accounts, then the reply "FROM"
automatically was set to that address.

In the current version of Evolution, the reply "from" address is always
set to whichever mail account received the email regardless of the "to"

Is there a setting that controls that behaviour? I'm probably not using
the right search terms so my google turns up a lot of auto-responder
stuff but nothing on that topic.

John Lange

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