[Evolution] Dealing with junk in Evo

One thing I haven't got to grips with on Evo is junk. I regularly mark
offers of medication as junk, and I've tried to create filters
specifying those names in the subject line should be moved to junk, but
Evo doesn't allow this. I can't choose the Junk mailbox when creating

I can specify that they're deleted, but that doesn't seem to work -
probably because a lot of them are using my email address as the sender
as well as the addressee, and Evo is set not to delete emails if the
name is in my contacts list.

A lot of the junk doesn't have a date on - is there a way of telling evo
that these are junk? 

And yet I've recently found some emails in my junk that shouldn't be
there - they're mailing lists I've been on for years with no problems,
the subject and contents don't seem to contain words that would be on a

Where can I find out more about how Evo deals with junk and spam, and
how I can manage it better?


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