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El día Monday, November 16, 2009 a las 04:30:19PM +0100, Matthias Apitz escribió:


I never was and I'm still not able to subscribe to other users Calendar.
When I do so, I type in a few letters of the other user name, the name gets
expanded correctly via GAL, but the subscribe ends in a pop-up "Generic
Error" without more details.

While searching Done Google I found this step-by-step guide about

I enabled the debugging as described and the result in stderr is:

 > PROPFIND /exchange/yyyyyyyyyyy/NON_IPM_SUBTREE/Freebusy%20Data/LocalFreebusy.EML HTTP/1.1
 > Soup-Debug-Timestamp: 1258381521
 > Soup-Debug: SoupSessionSync 1 (0x29d51198), SoupMessage 11 (0x2a870e80), SoupSocket 1 (0x29d4c318)
 > Host:
 > Content-Type: text/xml
 > Brief: t
 > Depth: 0
 > Cookie: sessionid=7f837343-21a6-4e83-a02c-229019b813cc; 
 > User-Agent: Evolution/2.24.5

The is nearly what I have configured as
OWA, the correct URL would be
and 'yyyyyyyyyyy' is my account in the Exchange server.

Any idea what the problem could be? The missing port 8443? Thx

After some more searches in Google it seems to be a bug which might be
fixed in more recent versions (I'm still using 2.24.x):

We will see when I have updated later this year.

Matthias Apitz
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