[Evolution] Send and Receive hanging

I'm running Evolution 2.26.3 under Fedora 11.

I notice that send & receive frequently hangs when getting mail from my
two most active POP3 accounts.

The curious thing is that it invariably hangs when fetching message 12.
This has been going on for some time, including with older versions of
Evolution under Fedora 9.

I can request the transfer to be cancelled, and it will show "failed at
message 12 of xxx" (but still show "Fetching Mail (...)", or it will
eventually time out. Once it has timed out, send & receive will retrieve
the rest of the mail (possibly hanging at message 12 again).

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

I'd like to file a bug report. When this behavior happens, how can I get
Evolution to terminate with trace information to attach to the bug

Advice much appreciated.


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