Re: [Evolution] a challenge to the developers

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

And Evolution remains, as it has been for many years, THE premiere Open
Source mail client and PIM.  There is nothing else that comes close to
the functionality and stability provided by Evolution.  The closest is
probably Thunderbird [known around the office as 'Thunderous Turd'], and
talk about issues.... That is a distant second to Evolution.

For me Evolution 2.28.1 is a distant second to Thunderbird
Why?  Because Thunderbird works for me, Evolution does not.  I am not
connected to an Exchange Server and don't use LDAP on a server, but I do
use pop and imap from three service providers and have my own address
books locally.  I get many HTML emails and while Evolution takes forever
(over 5 minutes in many cases) to download and display them, Thunderbird
does so in a second or two.  I believe this is an issue with the way
Evolution handles network requests and has been a bug for quite some time.

With Google Calendar I'm able to sync with Thunderbird/Lightning and my

I very much wanted to and tried very hard to use Evolution since it is
integrated within Gnome, but in the end the painfully slow to never
image and HTML download caused me to return to Thunderbird.

While my solution is not as elegant as Evolution, it works for me.
Evolution does not.  It's busted.  If the image download issues are ever
worked out I'll give Evolution another try.

I second the call for attention to bug fixes.


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