Re: [Evolution] E-mail trouble

On Wed, 2009-11-11 at 12:41 -0800, Felix Ramos wrote:
I have been trying to get evolution to work as my primary email.  I
have done a bit of  research.  I know that some times it sends mail
because I sent one to a friend and he said he received the mail.  I
sent one to myself and I received the mail.  In the outbox it does not
say it has left but unsent.  I also set up gmail and it transfered all
my folders and turned them to labels which are basically folders.

"labels which are basically folders",  I'll accept that for the sake of
this discussion.  But it is not true.

I am new to this ubuntu system.  I genually like the system.  I would
like to someday be completely free of windows xp.  The main problem
now with evolution is I cannot enter my password into the transferring

I'm not sure what "the transferring part" is.

Exit evolution.
Go to a command line [GNOME Terminal].
Execute "evolution --force-shutdown"
Execute "CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG=1 evolution"

It should start and be very chatty in the terminal window about what it
is actually doing.  Maybe that will tell you something.  But it is most
likely a configuration error or a bad password.

 part, from yahoo.  It will not accept my password when I enter it.
Is this a common accorrence.  Peace everybody.

No, I have multiple accounts.  No issues.
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