[Evolution] E-mail trouble

I have been trying to get evolution to work as my primary email.  I have done a bit of  research.  I know 
that some times it sends mail because I sent one to a friend and he said he received the mail.  I sent one to 
myself and I received the mail.  In the outbox it does not say it has left but unsent.  I also set up gmail 
and it transfered all my folders and turned them to labels which are basically folders.  I am new to this 
ubuntu system.  I genually like the system.  I would like to someday be completely free of windows xp.  The 
main problem now with evolution is I cannot enter my password into the transferring part, from yahoo.  It 
will not accept my password when I enter it.  Is this a common accorrence.  Peace everybody.


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