Re: [Evolution] enable "send message receipts" won't work

On Sun, 2009-11-08 at 18:52 -0500, peng shao wrote:
Hi I am using evolution-2.28 on a gentoo machine. And I found that if
I enabled
"send message receipts" in Preference--->Account---->Defaults, it has
no effect. Every email
I tried to send has no read receipts. Instead I have to manually
insert a read receipts when
I am composing an email. Anyone knows how should I set evolution to
send every email with read
receipt by default?  Thank you.


You need to set "always request read receipt" in your composer
preferences. The "send message receipt" is to automagicly send a receipt
to e-mails you receive when they are requested.
As a rule I keep mine and all of my family's set to "Never send"

Dan Brenner                      0-
dbrenner dbrenner com      All Opinions are My Own???

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