Re: [Evolution] Multiple folders for Trash, Junk, Sent, Drafts using IMAP

On Wed, 2009-11-04 at 16:46 +0100, RÃmi G. wrote:
* What I've done :
I tried to create some filters to automatically move my emails from:
 - the virtual folder "Junk" of "myaddress free fr" to "Junk" (online
folder? with a not so pretty icon) of "myaddress free fr"
 - vfolder "Sent" of "On My Computer" to "Sent" of "myaddress free fr"
 - vfolder "Drafts" of "On My Computer" to "Drafts" of
"myaddress free fr"
and I didn't find the way to do the same for Trash :
 - vfolder "Trash" of "myaddress free fr" to "Trash" of
"myaddress free fr"

Without going into every detail of your message, here are some pointers
that might help:

      * Sent and Drafts are real folders so filters for them are
        unnecessary. They can be anywhere you like. Just change the
        values under Preferences-><account>->Defaults.
      * Moving stuff from vfolders to real folders means copying them,
        so they now take up twice the space they used to. You can only
        physically remove a message by expunging the folder it's in
        (this is an IMAP limitation).
      * Marking messages as Trash is standard IMAP and should be
        recognized by your webmail client, even if its default method is
        "copy to Trash, mark as Deleted and expunge the folder". Perhaps
        it doesn't show marked messages by default and you need to
        change an option.
      * Marking messages as Junk is much less standardized. I think Evo
        uses labels for this, but I'm not sure. In any case, it's likely
        to be different from what your webmail does.


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