Re: [Evolution] Multiple folders for Trash, Junk, Sent, Drafts using IMAP


On Wed, 2009-11-04 at 16:46 +0100, RÃmi G. wrote:
Hey guys,

I was looking for a place to get some help about Evolution but I did not
find any link on the gnome page (,
and I didn't get any answer on the forums I usually use... So I'm trying
to explain my problem here!

* My configuration :
I've set up Evolution 2.28.1 using IMAP, my email provider is Free
(myaddress free fr), and the webmail of my provider uses Zimbra. I have
not used Evolution for years and this is the first time I'm using

* My issue :
I've multiple folders for Trash, Junk, Sent and Drafts (the duplicates
of the last two are under "On this computer").

* What I want :
 - I want only one folder for each of the previous listed.
Indeed, with only two mail accounts configured in Evolution, I can't
even see all my folders (okay not so important!)
 - I want to be able to access all my emails using my webmail.
For now, If I delete an email using evolution, this email doesn't appear
anymore on my webmail in any folders, so I lose the advantage of IMAP
over POP?

* What I think I've understood :
The duplicates I mentioned before are virtual folders so they don't
really exist. If I delete (or mark as junk) an email, this email is
simply marked but not removed (not move to another folder)? But why
don't they appear online once they are marked? If an email is marked as
Junk on Evolution, should it be the same on the webmail client?

* What I've done :
I tried to create some filters to automatically move my emails from:
 - the virtual folder "Junk" of "myaddress free fr" to "Junk" (online
folder? with a not so pretty icon) of "myaddress free fr"
 - vfolder "Sent" of "On My Computer" to "Sent" of "myaddress free fr"
 - vfolder "Drafts" of "On My Computer" to "Drafts" of
"myaddress free fr"
and I didn't find the way to do the same for Trash :
 - vfolder "Trash" of "myaddress free fr" to "Trash" of
"myaddress free fr"

Unfortunately, the workaround doesn't work for any of these cases :-(
For instance, the filter for "Sent" is a filter for "Outgoing" such that
the following condition must be met : "Source Account is
myaddress free fr"

Well, I hope you have understood my issue. I would love to understand
why Evolution adopt this behaviour and not what I expect to be right
(again I have never used IMAP before)?
Thank you in advance for you answers!

From what I know:
- there are 2 ways of deleting emails with IMAP:
        - some MUA use the IMAP /Deleted flag (like Evolution Does)
        - some MUA move them in a real Trash folder (Zimbra I guess)

That's configurable in some webmail MUA (roundcube allows both), so
maybe you can configure Zimbra to do it the Evolution way.

- the Sent folder is a true folder in both cases, only Evolution
defaults to put it locally, not on the IMAP server. You can configure it
in your account settings, choose the remote IMAP folder for Sent
- ditto for Draft

- Junk is a special one, but if I were you I'd disable the spam plugins
in Evolution (there are 2 of them, bogofilter and spamassassin), and
only rely on's spam filtering, which is already quite good.


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