[Evolution] Strange behaviour

Just installed 2.28,1 and Ubuntu 9.10 - upgrades from 9.04.
I am panicked - seeing something I have *never* seen in an email
program, Have been getting strange behaviour that is interpreting
mouse clicks as move instructions - and it's been moving stuff around
without being asked to. Including entire folders. The end point here,
and what has me really spooked, is that it managed to completely
hide the main Inbox (after putting it elsewhere, and my putting
it back, except that it didn't put it at the top level but placed
it under the empty Inbox )- but here's the bizarre aspect - 
You know how the folder list puts a number in bold next to the
folder name indicating unread messages? This Inbox-under-Inbox
folder is displaying 23 unread messages, but the folder is empty.

I have looked at every other folder and subfolder to try to find where
the several hundred accumulated inbox messages have gone. No luck.
But this bit of showing the unread number by the folder, but with
nothing in the folder, has me terrified. And I ain't easily terrified -
I've been using email for almost 30 years.

I have a lot of messages in that missing folder that I really cannot
afford to lose, some of which came in since my weekly backup. Anything
before last Thursday I can restore without much difficulty, but I'm
worried about those since Thursday.

Any ideas?

 Brewster Gillett

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W. Brewster Gillett             bg fdi us            Portland, OR  USA

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