Re: [Evolution] Exchange password dialog frozen

Milan Crha wrote:

On Wed, 2009-11-04 at 05:19 -0800, NickDeGraeve wrote:
When I start a dialog pops up prompting me for the Exchange account
password but the dialog is frozen: neither of the 2 buttons ('Cancel &
'OK') is clickable and the text field isn't editable.

try to run evolution in offline
  $ evolution --offline

and then go online by File->Work online. It's most like trying to tell
you some bad news, but prevents you to click/see the right message
window (check if there is any in the background when you are prompted
for a password).

Although E was running offline, I still got a dialog but this time however I
could enter the password. It must have been this one that was hidden below
the unresponsive one. Everything's back to normal now.

So it did the trick! Thanks.

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