Re: [Evolution] Can not empty trash

On Mon, 2009-11-02 at 14:07 +0100, RamÃn Alcain wrote:
I use Evolution 2.26.1 with Ubuntu 9.04 and now I can't empty trash. It
produce following errors:

Error saving ~/.evolution/mail/local/Sent (mbox)
Error saving ~/.evolution/mail/local/Inbox (mbox)
Resum and folder doesn't match after syncronizing

This is a translation from spanish. May be this error in english could
be written different, but I hope you understand it.

That never happened during years until recently. Could somebody tell me
what to do to empty trash?

Either there isn't enough space on the /tmp filesystem, or the Sent and
Inbox folders are too large. Evo empties mbox trash by copying the
entire folder, and that's probably what's failing. Note that an Evo mbox
folder can't be more than 2GB in size, even if the underlying filesystem
supports larger files.

You basically need to split the folders into more manageable chunks.
This can be done from within Evo by copying half the messages (for
example) to a new folder F1 and the other half to a new folder F2, then
removing the original folder completely (Right-click on the name and
select Delete) and renaming one of the two halves (usually the one
containing the more recent messages) to be your new Inbox, keeping the
other one as archived messages. Repeat the procedure for Sent of course.

You can also do this from outside of Evo (if you know tools such as
formail it might be easier this way), but of course shut down Evo
completely (--force-shutdown) before doing it.


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